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You’re probably here for one of two reasons… 

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Enough is Enough…. Are you tired of going to a kids birthday party smelling of stale smoke? Ever feel like you’ve made a connection with that special someone and everything is going perfectly? Until they lean in and they get a whiff of that unmistakable smell? Or worse, you have to excuse yourself to step outside?

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If your starting a complete newbie, don’t get bogged down with decisions check out the UWELL Yearn prefilled pod system, If your looking to save some money upgrade to the SMOK Novo refillable Pod system or if you after something more advanced you need to check out the Innokin EZ WATT. 

So, what are you waiting for?? For little more than the price of a pack of durries, you can get a brand spanking new vape kit and a weeks’ worth of nicotine e juice!

Make the Switch Today….


In the left corner, we have the current champion, the pound-for-pound deadliest cause of preventable disease  in the word. Responsible for over 7 million deaths annually and an uncounted number of diseases and ailments. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, smoking.

And on the right corner, we have the most effective smoking cessation tool that is 95% safer than smoking and fighting to free the people from the champion’s grasp. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, in the form of e-cigarettes and nicotine vape juice, Vaping!

Round One – The Hit and Satisfaction

Smoking delivers your traditional nicotine fix, along with thousands of other carcinogens, chemicals and additives that tobacco companies add to keep you hooked on their products.

Vaping delivers your desired nicotine fix in its harmless, purest form, along with different flavors with none of the tar, carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals that are created when tobacco is burned. Vaping also allows you to choose and adjust your nicotine levels to fit your need and adjust the throat hit to your liking.

Round one goes to Vaping.

Round Two – The Residuals

After a stinging setback in the first round, smoking comes back strong. Leaving burnt tobacco smell everywhere, staining your teeth, stinking up your clothes, and generally making everything it touches smell like a two-day-old ash tray.

The vapors from vaping dance around the air, leaving only a mild smell of, what’s this? Blueberry? (or your favorite flavor!) in the air which dissipates into nothingness once the visible vapor is gone, leaving no trace that the vapor was even there in the first place.

Round two clearly goes to Vaping.

Round Three – The Expense

After a dismal performance in the first two rounds, smoking is flaunting that it is “cheaper” than vaping. What a cheap shot! But what’s this? Sin Taxes worldwide are increasing the price of tobacco in order to fund healthcare for all of the diseases smoking has contributed to society.

Vaping starts off slow with the higher cost of entry of mods and devices, but quickly recovers with the low price of nicotine vape juices. Not only that, vaping also gives you the choice of different flavors and strengths meaning you can vape as much or as little you want without breaking the bank.

Round Three goes to vaping.

There you go folks, its unanimous, to the new champion Vaping!